Steinar Bryn will give a lecture at Ringsaker high school

Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue was invited to give a lecture to the psychology, philosophy and history students at Ringsaker high school.

Steinar Bryn, Senior Advisor, Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue, 03.03.2016 – “Essence of Nansen Dialogue”

–  Dialogue as a culture

–  Dialogue as a form of communication

–  Dialogue as attitude toward life

The Nansen Dialogue Network gathers politicians, journalists, teachers, parents, and pupils for dialogue about their own conflict, exploring potential solutions and opening possibilities for institutional change, where the situation is no longer seen through ethnic or mono-cultural lenses, but with a view to joint understanding that benefit all.Nansen Center for Peace and Dialoguecreates spaces for dialogue to improve communication and cooperation in divided communities.When successful, we build bridges of trust and understanding that enable the participants to work for a more inclusive society.To do this, we treat people as equals and with respect. That means to walk alongside them and strengthen them in their struggles.The precondition of this work is the belief that the good in man is stronger than the destructive forces.

Steinar Bryn will give a lecture at Ringsaker high school