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Steinar Bryn (b. 1954) has graduated from the University of Wisconsin (BA, MA) and obtained a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Minnesota. He has been a student, teacher, researcher and acting principal at the Nansen Academy in Lillehammer, Norway. During the last 17 years he has developed and supported the Nansen dialogue centers in the Balkans. Mr. Bryn is responsible for the planning and implementing of inter-ethnic dialogue seminars in Lillehammer and in the Western Balkans.

Steinar Bryn has been continuously linked to the Nansen Academy since 1989 as the head of Nansen Dialogue Network.

Latest activities

“The Framework Convention: a key tool to managing diversity through minority rights”

October 11, 2016, Strasbourg- Prof. Steinar Bryn, Founder of Nansen Dialogue Network participated at the Conference on “The Framework Convention: a key tool to managing diversity through minority rights” held in Strasbourg.

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“The need for dialogue in Ukraine. Are experiences from Balkan relevant?”

Steinar Bryn from Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue lectured at the Summer School for Norwegians and Ukrainians in Chernivtsi (Ukraine). The idea of the school is to build a platform for fostering a new stage of development of the relations

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Steinar Bryn participated in Fridtjøf Nansen’s jubilee in Ukraine.

This year Ukraine marked 155 years jubilee since Fridtjøf Nansen, Norwegian explorer, scientists, humanitarian, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, was born. Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue was one of the initiators for marking this jubilee and Steinar Bryn from NCPD

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