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(Youtube) Intervju sa Steinar Bryn-om, senior konsultantom Nansen dijalog mreže

(NRK) Steinar Bryn: Over brua – kulturbygging gjennom dialog

(Youtube) Sarajevo-Steinar Bryn, “U Norveškoj živi 15.000 ljudi iz BiH”

(Youtube) Nobels Fredspris Nansen Dialog Nettverk

(Youtube) dialog om Dialogen

(Vimeo) Peace Building and Dialogue

(Youtube) Dialogue Seminar (07-08 Aug. 2008) Ohrid, R. Macedonia

(Youtube) Dialogue Seminar (07-08 Aug. 2009) – Bitola, R. Macedonia

(Youtube) Nobel Nominee Promotes Peace at PLU

(Youtube) School for Young Politicians



( Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

(Stavanger Aftenblad) Steinar Bryn nominert til Nobels fredspris

(Nansen Fredssenter) Steinar Bryn tildelt Paul Harris Fellowship-medaljen

(Voices of Tomorrow by Kjell Magne Bondevik) Kosovo – from a dialogue perspective

( Steinar Bryn and Nansen Dialogue Network win LIVIA Award

(Civic and Uncivic Values: Serbia in the Post-Milošević Era) Dialogue in South Serbia; the Preshevo valley

(Google Books) The Americanization of Norwegian Culture by Steinar Bryn

(NRK) Nominert fem år på rad

(NRK) Tror dialog hjelper

(Pacific Lutheran University) Peacemaker visits PLU Campus

(NRK Fagdagen) Steinar Bryn: Over brua – kulturbygging gjennom dialog

(Hopeful Peacemaker) Nansen Dialog: A Model to Bring Healing

( Showing of Reunion in 35 cities

(Luther College CHIPS) Talking About Peace

( Tildelt humanistpris

( Official opening of the Training Center for integrated education within NDC Skopje

( Statssekretær Traavik gratulerer Steinar Bryn med ”Brobyggerprisen”

( “Dialogue: More than a Tool, Less than a Magic Fix”

( Second international conference on integrated education in Skopje

(Nansen Fredssenter) Inter-ethnic dialogue between Serbs and Albanians in Serbia / Kosovo

(Yes! Magazine) The Balkan Journalist Dialogues

( Održan seminar o poboljšanju kvalitete obrazovanja u HNŽ

(Year of the Fjord) From Lillehammer, to Family, to Oslo